Riachinho Unit

Fazenda São Paulo III is located in the city of Riachinho, northwest of Minas Gerais. It covers 5,344 hectares, and is considered the largest in the city. A Nelore breed cattle is highlighted in this unit, where the most advanced reproductive handling techniques and pasture handling are adopted. With the use of selected bulls and artificial insemination, Fazenda São Paulo has been reaching high zootechnical indexes and beef cattle with improved genetic standards.


Beef Catte

Fazenda São Paulo III uses the most advanced insemination and pasture handling techniques in the current market, which provides us with an ever-improving herd. In this unit, the cattle raising and fattening system is conducted, with carefully selected cows, produced in the farm, which enables high reproductive rates and guarantees excellent animals at weaning.



Always emphasizing its environmental concern, Fazenda São Paulo adopts the “Silvipastoril” (SSP) system, which is the intentional combination of trees, pastures and cattle in the same area and at the same time, handled in an integrated manner, with the intention of improving productivity by area unit. SSPs present a great economic and environmental potential for producers and society. They are multifunctional systems, where there is possibility for production intensification by integrated handling of natural resources, avoiding its degradation, in addition to recovering its productive capacity. Forestation has been considered an efficient way to promote pasture sustainability in beef and dairy cattle areas. Trees control the erosion and improve soil fertility, and hay quality. In this unit, eucalyptus planting is used with the purpose of integrating crops and cattle.