Founded in the early 1980s, Fazenda São Paulo is an business group in the agricultural business, with a modern profile and active in all its ramifications. Fazenda São Paulo is composed of three production units and its brand is the entrepreneurship and success in agribusiness, focusing in technology in social and environmental responsibility. The spotlight is in its modern system of management, diversification, and ability to generate jobs and income for Fazenda São Paulo I (Oliveira Unit), located on the margins of the Fernão Dias Highway, one of the most important and modern highways in Brazil, with highlight to the coffee farming.



Mission Statement

To develop activities in the agricultural and cattle business, at the highest level of Excellency, through our team’s deep knowledge of it. They are certified by the most rigorous regulatory agencies, generating high quality products to both domestic and international consumers, meeting the needs of our public in all levels and production channels, permanently collaborating with our society and nation in the broadest sense.


Company Vision

Efficient work for the regional progress.


Company Policy

Fazenda São Paulo has the following development Policy:

investment in the well being of its collaborators. Aiming to maintain its collaborators up to date and motivated, Fazenda São Paulo gives funds for the ones that are attending universities, subsidizes seminars, congresses and training and improvement courses for the staff, among others.


Incentive Policy

As a successful incentive system adopted more than 16 years ago, the company has a policy to share part of its profits with its employees in the management and supervising positions. For employees in other positions, there is a reward system through goals and indexes to be met.


Environmental Responsibility

The Oliveira Unit at Fazenda São Paulo has an environmental license to operate, meeting all applicable laws regulating the use of surface water and groundwater, with rights granted by regulatory agencies such as the State Forest Institute (Instituto Estadual de Florestas – IEF), Regional Superintendent of Environmental Regulation (Superintendência Regional de Regularização Ambiental – SUPRAM) and Institute of Water Management of Minas Gerais (Instituto Mineiro de Gestão das Águas – IGAM).


All the waste generated in the production activities of Units I, II and III is carefully handled and forwarded to duly authorized service providers, and class I and II waste can be mentioned. The waste generated in swine farming is forwarded to the biodigester cells for the generation of methane gas, which is used in the production of energy sources that fuel the property, such as heat for drying coffee, heating for swine nurseries, and feeding the micro turbine that generates electric power. The waste derived from sanitation from residences and administrative offices is delivered the Sewage Treatment Station.


Thus, the units lead in a responsible manner and minimize its environmental impact, which is predicted and acceptable in current legislation, which differentiates the production at Fazenda São Paulo, concerned not only with larger production but also with preserving and creating healthy environments.


Social Responsibility and Development

Following its principles of social responsibility, the company offers subsidized meals to its employees, free transportation with the use of its 5 company-owned buses for employees that live in the city, and lodging in 40 residences and 5 dorms for employees from other cities. It also provides pharmacy, grocery and fuel discount plans, high school for students from the town and region, daycare for employees’ children, a fishing lake, soccer field, and a playground for the use of the employees’ families, and also event sponsorship and help for the social entities in the region.