A major goal of Fazenda São Paulo is to provide a product that meets various market demands, such as: quality and sustainability, among others, in order to guarantee characteristics to the consumer that confirm the quality of the products. Fazenda is now certified by two of the best and most sought-after existing certifications for coffee farming:

The property has been certified since 2011 by the Sustainable Agriculture Network with the seal Rainforest Alliance Certified, which is included in its scope with a Certification Standard quite diverse and well structured into 10 principles, which emphasize a production with greater environmental, social and labor awareness. They are executed through annually reviewed plans and programs, integrated and disseminated to employees directly linked to the production, with involvement and commitment from senior management.

The company is also UTZ Certified, since 2006. This certification works for sustainable production with emphasis in handling. It is involved from harvesting to commercialization. The welfare of employees is also a point observed by the UTZ standard, which has 11 principles, ranging from traceability to natural resources and biodiversity.

All the plan, programs and documentation relevant to meeting certification standards are drawn up and disseminated by a specific team of the company itself.

Both certifications brought a greater awareness of the environmental, social and economic matters to Fazenda São Paulo, creating a sustainable supply chain and contributing to a more efficient development of the region.