Fazenda São Paulo

Fazenda São Paulo started its history in the beginning of the 1980’s, making an important company group of agribusiness with an innovative and influent profile in all of its activities. Its three units of production are located in the cities Oliveira, Bonfinópolis de Minas and Riachinho, all of them in the state of Minas Gerais and they are made up of a total area of more than 10,000 hectares.

Its marketing actions are directed to the national and international market. With a modern management system, diversification and capacity of generating employment and income, Fazenda São Paulo presents quality manpower in all of its departments. In a whole, it generates nearly 600 direct and permanent jobs. During the coffee crops, 250 more employers are hired.


Develop the activities of agribusiness with excellence, offering high quality products to internal and external markets, fulfilling the necessities of our public in all levels and productive channels.


Work efficiently to contribute with the progress of the region we operate.


Economical, social and environmental responsibility; excellence at the production; ethics and transparency; participative management.

Environmental responsibility and sustainability

Fazenda São Paulo operates in according to the laws imposed by the competent bodies of the area, respecting the environment and its resources. The production is led in a responsible way, diminishing the environmental impacts.

Swine waste: The waste generated by the breed of swine is directed to the biodigester cells to generate methane gas, which is used at the production of energy sources that supply the property. The liquid part of this waste is used to fertigation of pastures and coffee plantations, and the solid part is transformed into composting.

Eletrical energy generator through biogas: Fazenda São Paulo has a high-tech generator group that uses as a fuel the biogas which is generated at the biodigester cells at the treatment of waste in swine breeding. The capacity of generation supplies up to 35% of the consumption of the property.

Social Responsibility

Fazenda São Paulo has had, since the very beginning, a strong conviction of its social responsibility with the people who work and live there, including the communities nearby.

It is provided training courses for the several areas that the workers perform in the company. It is also promoted actions related to workplace safety and quality of life. Aiming more feasibility and options to workers, the company has partnerships with physicians, dentists and drugstores of the region.

There is a day care center, which assists the children of the residents, fact that provides more tranquility while they are working and the company also foments activities of recreation and education whose target public is the children.